Welcome to the home of truly gorgeous organic Australian made baby gifts and clothing.

The entire range features stylish baby Australian animal themed designs – something uniquely special.

100% Australian made. 100% organic cotton.  

Brought to you by a wholly owned and operated Australian company.

In our lovely little online store you will find the Puggles brand of Australian made organic baby gifts and clothing (everything from jumpsuits, onesies, singlets, hats, blankets, wraps and the cutest little security blankets you ever did see – called Puggle Snuggles).

Puggles is our own brand. We were looking for a range of baby clothing that was organic, Australian-made and super cute. It had to feature uniquely Australian native animals too (because we like them). Turned out we couldn’t find such a thing. Plenty of lions. Plenty of bears. Ducks as far as the eye could see. But Echidnas? Not a one. Platypuses. Nothing to see here folks. Hmmm… not good, must fix.

And so we did. The Puggles brand of Australian made organic baby clothing and gifts was born. Did you know? ‘Puggles’ is the correct term for baby echidnas and for baby platypuses.

We’d like to add two new animal designs each year, more items of baby clothing, more baby accessories and even some baby toys. But they must be 100% Australian made, 100% organic and 100% adorable. If we can’t find any, we’ll make our own. Ethics are not negotiable. And neither is cuteness. We hope you love the range as much as we do.