feetAustralian Baby Gifts is a 100% Australian owned company committed to bringing you 100% organic baby clothing & giftware.

With strong ethics and an unwavering philosophy of environmental and social responsibility we’re on a mission to not only bring you excellent products, but to bring you along on our journey (one baby step at a time) of making the world a better place for the coming generations – one purchase decision at a time.

Created in 2014, Australian Baby Gifts and its flagship brand Puggles believes that small changes in buying behaviour can and will make a difference. Creating beautiful, super-soft clothing and manchester items for babies that are totally free of toxic chemicals and that have been made in guaranteed sweatshop-free working environments is a joy – and to be able to spread the word on how important what we call ‘conscious shopping’ is, is also a pretty cool way to spend our time.

To come with us on our journey and to help make the word not only safer for the babies in your life but for future generations as well, hop back to the home page and subscribe to our newsletter.

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